Vulcan’s Peak


July 1, 2005 1:06 pm

Found this page while researching for an article on Outward Bound (couldn’t care less about the topic, but am thoroughly pleased and gratified that I’m being asked to write it, so will do my damndest!). Nice design in general, but I really like the box that pops up (a hidden layer) when you click on “six declines”. Yet another reason to learn some Java!

And oh – this is my 100th post!

3 Responses to “Pretties!”

Pug wrote a comment on July 1, 2005

You might find Overlib to be interesting — among the many things it does, it can do popup boxes quite easily. 🙂

‘Grats on the 100!

Jen wrote a comment on July 5, 2005

Java = JavaScript? Two different things, KT…

Odette wrote a comment on July 5, 2005

So I was duly corrected on the phone yesterday as well. Now I know better – sorry!

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