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Dumbledore’s man, through and through

July 18, 2005 3:51 pm

I suspect no one will be surprised that I gave into temptation on Friday and joined the small crowd at the Toadstool bookshop here in Peterborough to wait for midnight and Harry Potter 6! They had a magician for the younger kids and it was a lovely evening. Plus, they were selling the book for 30% off, which was nice. I finished it Sunday around dinner time and look forward to comparing notes will all of you as you finish it! Harry is definately a year older than the last book – he makes some very mature decisions (like who he takes to the Christmas party) and I’m really rather proud of him! Will shut up now before you yell at me to give nothing away! Look for posts concerning book 6 sometime in the next few weeks – I will put spoiler warnings on them when applicable.

Saturday afternoon I took Harry and went off to the beach, which was lovely! The first public beach I came across was fairly crowded and parking required paying through the nose, so I went a little farther and found a quiet spot (and free parking). This was by and large a pebbley beach, though there was some sand it was up away from the water. And of course, not white – more dark brown with black specks. I was surprised at how much the color affects the temperature! – the sand was almost too hot to walk barefoot on. Down by the water, the ground was entirely rocks, tiny little pebbles, not as comfortable to walk on as sand. I waded some, but mostly I sat on my big flat rock and read Harry.

I came home in time to eat dinner and shower and then went off (same highway, other direction) into town for a concert I’d found out about the day before. Part of a concert series in the Town House (same sort of architecture as the local churches, only with a stage at the front), this was a vocal ensemble specializing in Renaissance polyphony. There were ten of them, mostly men, and they sang for a good hour and a half or two hours and were VERY good. Good accoustics, too, which helped – I had a great seat in the balcony.

Ha, just heard the AC is back on in this building, after having been out since Thursday. I didn’t even notice until people started complaining of the heat late Thursday and Friday (It’s been warm here, but nothing like post-Dennis in FWB without AC, I know.). Amusing. It WAS getting stuffy by late Friday, though, so when I was invited to leave early, I scurried out.

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Crunch wrote a comment on July 18, 2005

Glad I wasn’t the only one of the CSC to remember it was coming out. Nor that I was the only one to go out at midnight to get a copy.


Do you think Sirius’ brother left the note in the Inferi cave?
Did it seem to you as well that Ron and Hermione immatured about 3 years while Harry matured?
I was surprised Harry didn’t take Hagrid’s class. He decided to take Herbology over Magical Creatures.

Pug wrote a comment on July 18, 2005

I hope you’re ready for more adventures this weekend! 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on July 19, 2005

****MORE SPOILERS!!!****

Oooh, I hadn’t thought of Sirius’ brother. THAT’S an interesting idea, though we’ve never heard anything to suggest he has that kind of nerve, brain, or resolve. Still, the sources aren’t exactly his best buddies – Sirius hates him, Slughorn wasn’t impressed with him (though Slughorn doesn’t think much of Ron either, and we know he’s got guts)…I forget who else mentions the younger Black.

And no, I wasn’t terribly impressed with Ron and Hermione, either. The last third of the book, they were better. Once they started talking again. As usual.

I’m not surprised about Harry’s class choices. He picked his schedule based precisely on what he needs to be an Auror and Magical Creatures isn’t in the list. Plus, we’ve always known that he doesn’t really think much of Hagrid as a teacher (despite what he says to the contrary to the likes of Malfoy and the Ravenclaws), even though they’re good friends.

After this book, what I really want to hear is Snape’s back-story. We’ve heard a lot of Voldemort’s life story, but I think it’s time to hear Snape’s. There needs to be some explaining going on – I’m not convinced that we’ve really learned why Dumbledore has always been so sure of Snape’s loyalty.

What do you think Harry’s chances are of making it through Book 7 alive?

Crunch wrote a comment on July 19, 2005

A few things I noticed while reading this book.
1) I don’t think I could be Ron’s friend. He’s such unstable mood-wise. He reminded me of the stereotypical PMSing woman portrayed in TV. I’d be constantly pissed off at his lack of confidence in his presence.
2)I didn’t have any favorite or least favorite parts in this book. In OoTP I loved Harry’s first class with Umbridge and his mad dash after Bella. I also hated the Hagrid chapters (Hagrid telling his story to the trio and Hagrid introducing his bro). I actually skipped over them when I reread the book. I don’t have any of these heights or valleys in Half-Blood.
3)I’m pretty sure Harry will live. I don’t think JK will give us the bittersweet “hero sacrifices himself to win the day” ending.
4)Herbology wasn’t an Auror required course either yet he still chose it. Maybe I’m just letting my bias against plants out.
5)I am convinced Snape will die in the end. After killing Dumbledore there’s no chance the good side will let him live.

Odette wrote a comment on July 20, 2005


I agree, Snape will probably die. But I would love to see him pull a Vader at the end and sacrifice himself for Harry… I had gotten to LIKE Snape…

I’d forgotten Herbology wasn’t Auror-required. *shrugs*

Ron was a pain in this book, agreed. Still pondering the ups and downs point. One thing I did really like (a brief moment thought it is) is the Tonks/Lupin business at the very end. I approve. Wouldn’t have guessed it, but I like both of them very much, and see no reason to get in their way.

I had something else I wanted to comment on…forget what it was. Will post when it comes back to me.

Crunch wrote a comment on July 20, 2005

What effects do you think Bill will undergo? He was mauled by a werewolfe, but one in human form. It might be kinda cool. Having the benefits of lycanthropy without the drawbacks.

Odette wrote a comment on July 20, 2005

Or the drawbacks without the benefits. That would suck. Here’s hoping it will benefit his work as a Curse Breaker. Or maybe being a Curse Breaker, he will find a way to break his own curse? Hmmm!

For those who don’t know, I’ll be internet-absent until Tuesday. Pug is coming to visit me (glee!), so I’m taking Thurs, Fri, and Mon off of work.

E wrote a comment on July 22, 2005

You know, part of me felt that Snape didn’t really want to do what he did – but he had made the unbreakable vow to Draco’s mum, so he had to. Plus, the guy was honestly dying anyway.

I am just like WHAT’S YOUR GAME, MON!!!

I hated all the snogging. It was retarded. And I think the whole Harry/Ginny thing is kind of odd. My dad was like “Who cares? She can die anyway, she’s a bit player” and I’m like “Um… read the book” – but he won’t, because of who died.

SUCH UTTER CRAP. (reference to who died)

And hey, what’s this crap about moody friends being the suck? Rar.

Crunch wrote a comment on July 22, 2005

Just my personal view, E. I just don’t have the patience. I’d end up yelling at Ron to get over his problem. To stop being so snappy or depressed.

Pug wrote a comment on July 30, 2005


I hadn’t thought about the unbreakable vow, but that could have been the entire reason for Snape’s involvement. He had to save Draco from everyone, which meant the whole OotP.


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