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Office fun and other tales

August 2, 2005 11:36 am

If you’re looking for tales of my weekend with Pug and my birthday, check his blog – he’s quite comprehensive about it, so I won’t try to duplicate.

Instead, a few more tales from my life as an intern.

The president of the company was here last week, which was rather interesting. An odd duck, by all accounts – I’m told he has his doctorate in philosophy, and you know what that’ll do to a person. Or something. He didn’t look at all like I expected. His given name is French and his family is rich, so I had pictured him looking very…I don’t know, French and fashionable and haughty. Yeah, so kill me for thinking in stereotypes. He is actually rather mousy, very plain with long hair and a bald spot and a nasal voice…and possibly haughty. I got a few glimpses and passed him in the hall a time or two (at which points he gave me an interesting “and who might YOU be?” look – I was not introduced, which is just fine with me. I got a good look at the infamous character, and that’s really all I wanted when I heard he was coming.

My great triumph of last week was finally finding a couple of photos of Indian houses for one of the editors – a “photo emergency!” Took me forever to get in touch with people at museums that have such photos, waiting for them to return messages, finally giving up and calling again…etc. etc. Had two days of good luck last week and spoke with helpful folks who immediately became my favorite people of the day, and am very relieved to have it settled. A small triumph, but nonetheless.

Pete has me working on expanding the text for a Civil War timeline. It appears in its current form in each of the Civil War books, but they’re going to make it into a poster too, which will be bigger, thus have more space, thus needs more text. I’m looking forward to working on that, though I have a few picky little things to finish up first for Deb. The books themselves are almost out of here at last, as are the animal books for younger readers – I saw the covers for those the other day – very cute and colorful.

I tend to always have something to do for Deb now that Sarah’s had her baby (a boy). Deb is still a bit daunted at having to do everything on the magazine for the next few months, but she seems to be doing fine. I do what I can for her, and Claire, the secretary (not the correct title, sorry), pitches in as well.

Pizza party here at lunch on Friday for a lady in the call center part of the office who is retiring. Mary is absolutely adorable in the way that little old ladies can be, which is enhanced by her Boston accent. We’re all sorry to see her go! So of course I had the allergy conversation with Pete (who already had some idea, having seen me deal with it at restaurants twice), and that was taken care of. Fed again. I’m happy.

Weird computer story. I was downloading pictures onto Ellen’s computer this afternoon – an ancient Mac, poor old thing. And granted, internet hexplorer and hadn’t been playing well, but then suddenly – I have NO idea how I/it did it – the cursor disappeared from the screen!! No, the machine didn’t freeze – sometimes, you could still see the cursor around the edges of the screen, and better yet, you could still see links and icons react as the cursor passed over or clicked on them…but you couldn’t see the cursor itself! A ghost! Would be a phenomenal April Fool’s Day prank…if only I knew what had happened… Had to restart the machine, then it was fine.

They’ve been paving the road between home and work, which has been a bit of a nuisance, but the new road is nice. Supposedly, they’ll finish tomorrow, hurrah for that. I have found an alternate route and used it a few times, but it is much longer. A new view is nice, though. That route takes me through Greenville, NH – MUCH smaller than it’s SC counterpart! But it IS next to a small lake…

Over the weekend, I went down to Salem, Mass., which is an odd place. It’s a weird mix of honest history, modern wicca (many shops selling incence, spellbooks, bags of dried herbs, and other oddities), and tourism (midnight graveyard tours for thrill-seekers, etc). Interesting, though!

Quote of the day:
“I like naked-tattoo-man”
Don’t ask. I still haven’t stopped laughing.

Quote of yesterday:
“Christ, it’s only his lordship.”
Say it in a Scottish brogue – yes, I’ve started another mystery featuring the eccentric Lord Peter Wimsey, by Dorothy Sayers. Wimsey! So fun to say. Almost as much fun as “Christ, it’s only his lordship.”

6 Responses to “Office fun and other tales”

Elf wrote a comment on August 2, 2005

Lord Peter is awesome. I have a book of short stories concerning him, along with Strong Poison.

You should stop saying you like naked men with tattoos. People might get ideas about you. =D

Tae wrote a comment on August 2, 2005

*I* don’t mind naked men with tattoos. ;D
And did you go to the Salem witches museum? When we went to Boston in 8th grade, we took a tour there.

Carmen wrote a comment on August 2, 2005

“Croist, ‘s oanle ‘is loardsh’p.”


Odette wrote a comment on August 3, 2005

Lord Peter IS awesome – I have a similar book of short stories, also a collection of three novels in one, which includes Strong Poison (also Have His Carcase and … I forget the title of the third). Ben gave me Five Red Herrings for Christmas, so that’s what I’m reading now.

As for the naked tattoo man, the quote isn’t mine…ask me when I come home, maybe I’ll be able to tell it without cracking up half-way through.

I did go to the Salem Witch Museum, Tae! It amused me. 😀

Hmmm, I think you’ve got more of a Cockney thing going on there, Carmen. Er, yeah. 😉

Carmen wrote a comment on August 3, 2005


Tae wrote a comment on August 22, 2005

You home yet or what?

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