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Lightening up

October 5, 2005 10:47 pm

I don’t post nearly enough funny stuff. This is me and Carmen from earlier this evening.

Carmen: I am *bored*!!
Auto-response sent to Carmen: In class, at work, or generally somewhere around campus.
Odette: I am planked!
Carmen: and you are the helpless victim of my mindless babblings!!
Carmen: oh, blast – you aren’t a helpless away message at all! O.O
Carmen: curses… you’ve ruined my sinister plans!
Carmen: I must escape…
Odette: Bwahahaha!
Odette: I’ve got you now!
Carmen: Carmen, awayyyy!!
Odette: Nooooo!!
Auto-response from Carmen: Carmen, awaaaay!!
Odette: 😉
Carmen: *ominous chuckle*
Odette: *sinister cloak-swishing*
Carmen: *creepy footsteps*
Odette: *minion-summoning*
Carmen: *lair-crafting*
Odette: *trap-springing!!*
Carmen: *collective gasping!!*
Odette: *victorious taunting!*
Carmen: *quick thinking*
Carmen: and
Carmen: *clever escaping!!*
Odette: *surprised cursing!*
Odette: *minion deploying!*
Carmen: *hurried retreating!*
Odette: *quick calculating*
Carmen: *back-up calling*
Odette: *super-weapon unveiling*
Carmen: *commercial breaking!*
Carmen: *show resuming*
Carmen: *frantic planning*
Odette: *egotistical boasting*
Carmen: *lair infiltrating*
Odette: *plotting and scheming*
Carmen: *quiet sneaking*
Carmen: *weapon disabling!!*
Odette: *knocked unconcious by ambitious trusted lieutenant*
Carmen: *initiation of self-destruct sequence*
Odette: *opens bleary eyes to see circling stars and birdies*
Odette: *blinks*
Odette: *hears countdown*
Odette: *curses fluently*
Carmen: *high-tailing it outta there!*
Odette: *runs to escape pods*
Odette: *arrives in time to see hero pulling out in own escape pod*
Odette: *rages at harsh, cruel universe*
Carmen: *makes face*
Carmen: *manic cackling*
Odette: *explodes*
Carmen: *dramatic closing music*
Odette: *roll credits*
Carmen: The End!
…Or IS it??
Odette: Tune in next time…!!!
Carmen: *dum dum duuuum!!!*

We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of Cardette Theatre. Join us next week at this same time when we will hear Carmen say,
“Oops, there goes my thumb.”

11 Responses to “Lightening up”

Pug wrote a comment on October 6, 2005


Carmen wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

Thank you, Katie – your second-to-last line made my fortnight. ^^

E wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

This is why my dad liked Elf’s friends better. Why I often like Elf’s friends better.

I’m a friend moocher. (One who mooches friends off of other people)

Oh, and that was beautiful

Tae wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

*snicker* ;D

Odette wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

Carmen – what’s better yet is that I pulled that second-to-last line straight from an old IM from three years ago. It was preceeded by my telling you to be careful in the kitchen. THAT was preceed by your death via heat stroke from standing too close to the oven, an out-of-body experience involving the line “Carmen, come back to the light. Your cinnamon buns will burn,” and my metamorphosing into a purple rabbit god to bring you back.

Crunch wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

Oh God. You’re on opium.

Odette wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

Opium ain’t got nuthin’ on what we’ve got.

Tae wrote a comment on October 6, 2005

Do all of our conversations sound that weird we recall them?

Odette wrote a comment on October 7, 2005

Do I need to post the ol’ quote list again?

Carmen wrote a comment on October 7, 2005

Haha! I remember some of that, now. Thankee. ^^ I wish I hadn’t lost all my chat logs when my harddrive died. 🙁

Give unto us the shining quote list!

Pug wrote a comment on October 9, 2005

Yeaaahhh, Quote List!

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