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Explain this…

October 17, 2005 12:11 am

Why are my downstairs neighbors out on their balcony, trying to toss around a football with buddies on the ground?

When out on the balconies I heard such a clatter… hmmm, shall we spoof Clement Moore?

At least they’re not breaking in…they’re just being stupid. And loud. If there are going to be men under my window, they ought to be serenading me. Or at least they damn well better not be grunting and making ape-ish, testosterone-induced noises.

Ahhh…college life. Just another perk of university housing. Right up there with being told that a toaster oven is a fire hazard. It has an open heating element, you see. Unlike a regular pop-up toaster. The fact that one has a door where the other has open slots for sticking in one’s fingers/a wet fork/random falling debris doesn’t seem to have occurred to the Housing Apes.

There seem to be too many apes in the world tonight. They need to get off campus and go back to the jungle so they can stop being endangered out there.

4 Responses to “Explain this…”

Jen wrote a comment on October 17, 2005

Remember last week when they were trying to throw a frissbe 90 degrees from the ground into their open balconey door? That was great entertainment, too. Next thing they’ll be swinging from the balconey itself. Wait…no. That was two weeks ago.

And please don’t ask them to serenade you. Remember the guy last year who sang and played the guitar on that same balconey right below us? I don’t want a repeat of that. I’m still recovering…

Carmen wrote a comment on October 17, 2005

Always remember, Katie – there is no problem that cannot be solved by proper application of a crowbar to the kneecaps.

Crunch wrote a comment on October 17, 2005

Wow. You’d hate me as a neighbor, than. I don’t find anything too unusual in throwing a ball off a balconey and having somebody throw it back. It’s fun. It can be good target practice for the guy on the ground. Get’s ’em ready for throwing grenades into windows.

Tae wrote a comment on October 17, 2005

*snicker* Poor Katie.

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