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GRE results and other hijinks

November 12, 2005 6:23 pm

The GRE is all over and my brain none the worse for wear! I was down to the line in time on the math section as usual, but had no problem finishing verbal. I think my verbal score might have been higher on a paper test though – the computer doesnÂ’t allow you to go back and review your answers or skip questions and go back (my verbal SAT was somewhat higher, but I suspect thatÂ’s not a fair comparison – though a tempting one, since they seem to use the same scale). However, I loved being able to take the writing section on the computer – being able to move things around and add things in without a lot of lines and arrows. When the computer gave me my results for verbal and math, I was very confused – math was apparently higher, and I definately felt less confident about that section. Fortunately for my state of bewilderment, the prep book includes a conversion chart of sorts. On average, a 640 verbal puts you in the 91st percentile, but a 670 math puts you in the 67th percentile. So life is normal after all.

Anyway, it was all over by 4:00, so I came home and had time to attempt to make bread (didn’t knead well enough, I think – at any rate it is much denser than it should be, though still tastes good!). I spent the evening with a group of foreign study folks, playing Phase 10 and watching an amusing movie called Bandit. Good times.

This afternoon I actually went to the football game and will even admit to enjoying it… I don’t know when I’ve been to a football game (high school or college) and our team actually WON! Makes it decidedly more enjoyable, though a more dedicated fan might have been bored – the other team didn’t put up much of a fight. They didn’t score until after halftime and never really had a chance, though they might have caught up in a fifth quarter – final score was 34-21, I think. This was the last home game of the regular season, so potentially the last chance to see the band – my REAL motivation for going, especially since one of my roommates is a flautist. They were great! Their show this year is music used in Bond movies (lots of twirling of
batons-on-fire seemed appropriate somehow…). The music nerd in me was well pleased.

Thursday evening, I went to see the theater department’s fall show, which was fun. The play, Moonchildren, is about a group of college students in the ’60s. Odd to see my friends and peers in ’60s styles, but there was also a strong sense of how little college life has really changed in forty years, technology notwithstanding (the irony demons are going to get me for typing a sentence like that in a blog…). But though the plot is full of Vietnam, protest marches, and worries about being drafted, it’s also full of the same concerns about growing up, worries (or lack thereof) about grades, and nasty break-ups that we see all the time here. Also fun because I knew most of the cast! – three of my buddies from England were in it, as well as a handful of others I knew from foreign study, classes, etc. Several of them seemed typecast – or at least like they were playing exaggerations of a part of their own personality (which made one particular romance WEIRD AS HELL – they would never get together in real life). Then of course, there’s one particular theater major who really belongs in the sixties anyway…. But the play was good.

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