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Testing, 1,2,3…

January 12, 2006 6:28 pm

Can anybody hear me?

Pug is helping me make the move from Movable Type to Word Press, a plot of his that has been brewing for some time. My initial vote was secured when I saw the design he set up for me – I ‘ve been meaning to re-vamp the old MT design for a while and haven’t gotten to it. I will take credit for most of the banner image, though. He found it (and several others) and the sepia gradient is his idea, but the work is mine.

Let’s test a photo!

Photo 3.jpg

We’ve recently gotten all new computers at work, and the new macs have iSight – which is to say that there is a camera built into the top of the monitor and the iSight program acts a bit like a photo booth. It’s fun. I get into trouble with it when I snap sneak pictures of people like Jen when they aren’t paying attention.

Okay! Let’s see what we’ve got!

5 Responses to “Testing, 1,2,3…”

Pug wrote a comment on January 12, 2006

First post!

Crunch wrote a comment on January 12, 2006

I get comment 1.5!
Nice new site.

Tae wrote a comment on January 13, 2006

Was wondering if you were dead or something. Nice to know otherwise. 😉 Dig the planet icons.

Odette wrote a comment on January 13, 2006
Carmen wrote a comment on January 14, 2006

I can’t find anything! Everything’s changed! What’s going on! I’m too old to handle this! Where’s my hearing aid!


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