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The wonders of summer cleaning

June 26, 2006 11:49 pm

I have discovered the most wonderful dump for old trash! I almost think I should feel guilty about this, foisting things off on innocent children like this. But I am assured that they really are treasures in six-year-old eyes.

My mother has in her classroom a treasure chest of sorts with little prizes – kiddies who have been good by a certain set of criteria for a certain length of time get to pick a prize. Think little plastic toys or old barrettes. A little room-cleaning, however, can unearth some true treasures!

And let me tell you what I’ve been finding. Punched out cards with dinosaurs on them from some magazine of my childhood were last nights great find – along with a bright dinosaur poster from the same magazine. The day before it was a 1990 calendar with gorgeous pictures of wild animals and nothing written in it. Today it was – I was clearning out stuff under the sink in the main bathroom – headpieces from dance costumes I wore before the age of 10.

(Packrat that I am, I would have put them with the costumes (all hanging at the back of my brother’s closet with a bunch of old Halloween costumes – Halloween was always quite a production at my house), but these oldest ones were sent to my cousin some years back for dress-up.)

Sorting is all the rage right now, and I really think I could go on for weeks if I wanted to, just culling and rearranging my junk. The other day, I spent the afternoon generating a tremendous pile of old notes and school papers to throw away. And believe me, the pile was of a size that made me feel very productive.

I suppose it would be faster to just sweep them off the shelf and into the trash, but I like going through each one, just to be sure there isn’t anything I might want. I still have quite a pile, but I think it’s manageable. Am currently trying to persuade nostalgic self that I DON’T need my whole IB lab book… Haven’t gotten there yet.

In sorting papers, I’m very (read: absurdly) pleased with the purchase of a couple of plastic accordion folders with lots of pockets – good for Important Papers, clippings, etc. Of course I really want a filing cabinet, but that just isn’t practical right now. Even a small one would be a beast to move, especailly when I know I’ll be moving again at the end of next year.

(Have I mentioned this? The apartment building where my Boston roommate is now is currently slated for transformation into condos. We’ll be able to stay through May of next year, but pending some deus ex machina, that’s it. Which is fine; apartment-hunting while actually living in the area is far less intimidating a prospect that doing so while visiting for a weekend.)

There’s your dose of the petty details of my life for tonight. Cure against…I’m not sure what.

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