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Time wasters

August 4, 2006 5:53 pm

Now you too can be Jackson Pollok! At least online. (Everyone’s ambition, I know.)

The cross-breed zoo. I know I’ve seen the duckigator picture before, but not the rest. They’re all amusing, though I’m especially fascinated by the gryphon, cardifox, and bunny-bird.

I’ve been going back and re-tagging some old entries, especially ones that (a) were “Uncategorized,” (b) needed my new “D&D” tag, or (c) needed my slightly less new “Mmm, London!” tag. Which took me to this entry, at which point I started feeling a little bit guilty because the site I made with foreign study stories was (a) never finished and (b) no longer online because of that little graduation thing. So it now has more blathering added to the end and a link to my pictures, which are not on Flickr, but are on Kodak’s “EasyShare Gallery,” through which I ordered all the gazillion prints that went into my scrapbooks. Mother had discovered that before I discovered Flickr.

And if you were curious like Tae…

This is the “July story”. Started shortly after I came back from England, which is why I decided to try to use British spellings.

In progress: Reminiscing on Oscar Night. Presumptuous as usual, here I go again with the writing about things I know nothing about. Started in response to the second assignment for my class, my first idea was to write the story as someone’s Oscar acceptance speech. However, a 2,000 word Oscar speech is on the absurd side, so after an attempt to turn it into a one sided conversation happening at an after-Oscars party, I abandoned the effort. Now it’s gradually becoming a two-sided conversation. Suggestions on Heather’s background would be great. So would suggestions for fleshing out Pirate’s Daughter, which is about to become a story in it’s own right.

And this is the Hamlet/Cinderella remix that I showed Tae a while back. It stands firmly in the “finished, maybe” category. Not sure where it may be going.

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