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Where everybody is trying to remember your name

September 8, 2006 6:41 pm

I have been here nearly a week now, and I think that it is safe to say that I am moved in.

The drive last weekend was pleasantly uneventful (not counting one brief visit to the Antietam battlefield and another brief visit with my grandfather’s cousin in New York), and my roommate and her boyfriend were great help in unloading the car. And after moving furniture to get the bed away from the outside wall, my room is set up a lot like my room in North Village was. So if you were ever there, picture that; it’s pretty close. I’ll take a few pictures to put on Flickr sometime soon. [Edit: Well, I haven’t taken any inside yet, but I just put a few other Boston pictures up.]

I’ve done some rudimentary exploring of the area, gone on a few walks, and I’m starting to get a feel for the city, both here and around the school. Found important things like the bank, the drug store, some small grocery stores that are within walking distance. (My roommate has her car here, so big grocery trips will be on wheels and to a larger store, but I’m glad there are places where I can go pick up a few things if I want to.)

Wednesday evening, I went down to meet a bunch of my new classmates for drinks at a bar/restaurant near the school. I think there are about forty incoming students in the publishing program, and we had gotten each other’s contact info over the summer, so a few enterprising souls set up a chance to meet each other even before orientation. It was fun, and the waitresses were really nice about this group of 25-30 people trickling in who (A) didn’t know each other and (B) didn’t know how many people were actually coming!

Orientation was yesterday and today — lots of information sessions about various campus services and policies, mostly. Highlights included:

  • lunch on Thursday, at which our table of four or five students was joined by two professors, both of whom I had heard about from my roommate (since she’s starting her second year in the program). One of them very favorably…the other very not.
  • meeting the whole Writing, Literature, & Publishing faculty. Geez, now I really wanna take writing courses! (well, okay, I did before — and I plan to — but some of the writing profs seemed really interesting)
  • taking a trolley tour around the city this afternoon. Wheee!

Coming back around to the title, the last few days have seen heavy use of the line, “I’m sorry, what was your name again?” So much for the city of Cheers.

Anyway, actual classes start next week, and being the nerd that I am, I’m pretty excited about that! I’m working on getting my textbooks — I have a Magazine Publishing Overview and Magazine Design and Production. Fun, I hope!

Next on the to-do list…start applying for part time jobs.

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