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I need input

September 11, 2006 10:22 pm

If someone described a society as “Stone Age bourgeois,” what would you picture?

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Pug wrote a comment on September 12, 2006

Good question! I first thought of Louis Bourgeois’ spider sculpture in the Tate Museum of Modern Art, but that’s rather silly since it’s made of iron, not stone.

Now I’m just imagining primitive peoples debating how the Wheel was a sign of the devil from which one must turn away, that God had blessed their country and fire was a sin, and finally that the King was no better than them yet they were far better than the lower classes.


tempest wrote a comment on September 12, 2006

I picture an avowed, dedicated Communist uttering the phrase. He would be using it to emphasize that the described society is extremely capitalistic and exploitative of the proletariat. *chuckles*

The use of the term “Stone Age” to describe bourgeois seems to me nothing more than a synonym for “old-fashioned,” except that “Stone Age” grabs more attention by being more novel in this case. The rise of the French middle class in the 1700s and the qualities they represented to the nobility come to mind.

E wrote a comment on September 13, 2006

“Bourgeoisie in modern use refers to the ruling class in a capitalist society.” -from Wikipedia.

I don’t really know how capitalist the Stone Agers were. In fact, I think they weren’t. What society was described this way?

Odette wrote a comment on September 13, 2006

None was, to the extent of my knowledge. I’m just playing with putting words together for a poem and I’m trying to judge whether they could work they way I want them to.

Elf wrote a comment on September 17, 2006

You ever played Civilization 2? As the game progresses, you get to upgrade pieces of your throne room. “Stone Age bourgeois” reminds me of the little rock you had for a throne originally, with bear rugs tossed on the floor to dress it up some. But that’s just me.

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