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Thoughts on a Saturday evening

September 16, 2006 10:30 pm

Going up and down three flights of stairs to do laundry again sucks.

Paying for laundry sucks more.

The bright side: yes, there is an elevator. And at least the washers and dryers are efficient.

I’ve been letting the tv entertain me this evening. ‘Course, only a nerd like me would go from Willy Wonka to Richard III… I have yet to see the Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it was fun to watch the old Gene Wilder one again. I forsee an age divide in coming years — I suspect many in my generation and older will always picture Willy Wonka as Gene Wilder.

However, it was a bit trying to fold clothes in front of the Chocolate Factory when there is no chocolate in my kitchen. A situation that must be remedied!

Richard is the 1995 version with Ian McKellan in the title role — the one Pug and I watched for my Shakespeare course last May. Who knew Gandalf could be so evil? I love it, but it’s so creepy! Don’t look at me like that, Richard!

3 Responses to “Thoughts on a Saturday evening”

Crunch wrote a comment on September 16, 2006

Old Ian was my inspiration back when I played Dicky III at Bonas last year.

Pug wrote a comment on September 17, 2006

Let’s see… Good Bye, Lenin! will entertain you quite a bit; you’ll like it.

Willy Wonka *is* Gene Wilder, that’s just how things are. Of course, having not seen the ‘new’ one either, I’m possibly biased.

Sorry about paying for laundry — I suppose you get to hoard quarters now as I used to. It’s only really bad when you don’t *have* any quarters and the change machine breaks… Keep a stash.

Odette wrote a comment on September 17, 2006

There’s no change machine down there, but there is a bank down the street that has an ATM for rolls of coins. Theoretically, at least…it didn’t like my bank card on Friday, but I’m hoping that was just a fluke.

But yes…definately keeping a stash.

Heh…Crunch, I would have loved to see you play Dick the Prick.

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