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Windows, magazines, and the alphabet

October 25, 2006 10:38 pm

No, I’m not going to talk about Vista. Which I plan never to own. My next machine is going to be a Mac.

The excitement of the week is that we’re getting new windows in the apartment. Not that there was anything wrong with the old ones, naturally. The people who own the building think that it should be made into fashoinable condos, so there has been cosmetic construction on the outside of the building since well before I moved in. Now, understand, the apartment is nice on the inside (mostly because we’ve made it that way), but the outside looks like a 1960s motel of the sort where you get to your front door via an outside balcony. I can’t imagine how fresh paint and hardwood floors will make one of these units worth half a million dollars, even in the inflated housing market up here. But there it is — we get to live around it for a while and come May, we’re out.

Anyway, powers that be decided that new windows should be put in sooner rather than later, so that started this morning. Furniture is topsy turvy for a few days, but the new windows (two out of four are in) do look pretty nice. Being home while the workers are doing their thing is awfully awkward in such close quarters, though.

Class projects are in full swing. Both require making up a magazine, mine is one for young people with food allergies (hey, there are supposedly 12 million Americans with some form of food allergies or intolerances, there’s got to be a market, right?). So for my design class I’ve been learning InDesign to, well, design pages for the magazine (our professor delights in telling us, a bunch of M.A. students in a publishing program (read: word people) that in this class, the words don’t really matter. We use fake text for basically everything, which is awesome.)

My other class is the magazine publishing overview and in there the mock mag is largely the subject of a business plan for launching the magazine — for example, the installment due tonight was an analysis of the competition for our magazines and for next week we have to have a marketing plan.

In a less thinking-oriented vein, I started my job in the payroll office last week and I have been exercising my mad alphebetizing skills! All in the name of filing student employment contracts, yeehaw. I’m only there 10 hours/week, though, so it’s not bad, plus every other Friday I get to deliver student timesheets all over campus, which makes a nice change. I’m still on the lookout for a second part-time job — last Thursday, I turned in an application at a stationer’s shop that I walk past all the time, but I don’t know when I might hear back.

I promise my next post will funny or witty or clever or something. I feel dull and tired tonight, but I think it’s partly because my printer is in the closet, my desk is pushed up against the foot of my bed, and I’m using it from the other side because the edging around the window hasn’t been put back yet so I can’t move my furniture back yet.

Also it’s because I’m exhausted.

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Tae wrote a comment on October 26, 2006

*pets* Take care of yourself girl! Can’t wait til you can visit down South again.

Steve B wrote a comment on October 26, 2006

Without Vista you won’t have any friends and your family will hate you. Remember, if you use a Mac you’ll be admitting to homoeroticism and being a terrorist-lover! Also, I might throw a chair at you!

Carmen wrote a comment on October 27, 2006

Oh noes it’s the Ballmer! Run for your lives! Hide the iPods!!!

Pug wrote a comment on October 27, 2006


Odette wrote a comment on October 27, 2006

Back, back you demon!

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