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Here we go again

January 18, 2007 9:17 pm

Well, the calendar turns and here I am with a new schedule.

Clearly, last semester wasn’t nearly crazy enough, so I’ve upped the ante. I’m taking three classes instead of two, and I’ve just landed a second part-time job. Since the college mandates that I can only work a total of 20 hours/week for the college, this looks (in my haven’t-lived-it-yet eyes) not unlike fall term of my senior year at Furman. Especially since I’m taking a poetry workshop again!

I’m approaching the poetry as playtime, which is not to say that I don’t take poetry seriously, but merely that I’m trying not to take myself too seriously. (Also that it’s fairly peripheral to my degree program, but why pass up an opportunity?) My other classes are an Overview to Book Publishing and a course in Magazine Editing. These two have started this week (each meets once a week, so what with the MLK holiday last Monday, poetry will start next week), and both look pretty good.

On the employment front, I’m going to be working in a computer lab again, though just an average lab this time. I’m still committed to a few hours a week in the payroll department, but this will make rent considerably less painful. I’m also excited that this could lead to actually learning things like Flash or Final Cut Pro that I’ve been whining about wanting to learn for years).

I really want to find a “real job” (i.e. something in my field) so that I can move on from the part-time campus gigs come May, but it seems a little soon to start that just yet. I think it’s also too soon to start apartment-hunting, but that’s going to have to happen by the end of May too, since our building is in the process of being turned into “fashionable” new condos. Of course, the outside of the building still looks like a 1960’s motel…

The most recent catastrophe in the renovation story is that the roofers who were working on the building around New Year’s didn’t bother to seal things up over the holiday weekend. Naturally, it rained, and the maintenance men have been scrambling to deal with the damage. We got off pretty easy — a little damage to ceiling tiles in the bathrooms (already replaced) and some dampness in a couple of my bathroom walls. They opened the wall up to dry things out, but that (including the industrial strength fans that they left for my roommate to enjoy) was an ordeal that I wasn’t here for. By Sunday, they had already put new drywall up, and they finished off with new wallpaper this morning. So my bathroom is no longer a floral profusion; instead, it is purple! I like it.

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Pug wrote a comment on January 19, 2007

Does your poetry class have a particular theme?

Odette wrote a comment on January 19, 2007

Not that I know about…I’ll let you know after Monday!

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