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The bag again

January 30, 2007 11:02 pm

As bees, geometry again. I’m going to stop linking and give this a category because this gives me the warm fuzzies every time it happens.

Two more incidents, bringing me up to a total of four:

#3. Last December, on the street, leaving school. A guy right behind me gets my attention — he’s probably from my college; he fits the profile — and asks about the bag. I start to babble, but he cuts me off. “Wait,” he says. “I don’t understand.” I am flustered and want to get home. “It’s about honeycombs,” I say.

#4. This afternoon in a Starbucks near school. A well-dressed middle-aged business man. I’m starting to have a spiel and I rattle it off as my friend stands by, bemused. Businessman seems honestly curious and interested and is very polite with an acute sense of how strange it is to stop me as I walk by, on my way out with my “wild orange herbal tea” (quite nice, by the way).

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Pug wrote a comment on January 31, 2007

“It’s about honeycombs.”

*laugh!* That just cracks me up.

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