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Book nerd strikes again

February 21, 2007 2:23 pm

This morning I’ve been catching up on book publishing newsletters that one of my profs forwards to us. Most of it is business-y (mergers and appointments and one heck of a mess with a distributor going bankrupt), but in between the cracks you can find the fun stuff. So here are three tidbits to make you say “huh!”

1. Bookstore tourism. That’s right, independent bookstores are becoming tourist destinations. It’s a little kooky, but I think it’s cute.

2. Viggo Mortenson founded an independent press (and they have a very strange main page). I knew he was a poet and an artist, but this was news to me! This blog has a nice piece all about it.

3. This year’s Newbery Award winner is causing a furor among parents and librarians. Apparently it uses the word “scrotum,” which, you know, is completely inappropriate for nine to twelve year old children. Because of course children are entirely asexual and we wouldn’t want them to learn the scientific words for their genetalia. It would be much better for them to be completely embarassed by their own sexuality and become repressed or repressive adults who freak out when scientifically appropriate words like “scrotum” appear in children’s books.

Whether the book is any good or not I don’t know (though now I intend to seek it out) — reviews are mixed, though as noted, it did just win the Newbery.

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