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Spring news

April 25, 2007 10:14 am

I realized that I have posted almost no actual news in the last month! It’s all been a bit mad.

My roommate and spent the middle of March apartment hunting, under the impression that we would have to move when our lease ran out on June 1. Our current building is gradually being rennovated and sold as condos, but as it turns out, that process is going more slowly than the owners anticipated (as I understand it, real estate is a buyer’s market right now), so they’re letting us renew the lease for another year. So that means I don’t get to be rid of our stained carpets, stained countertops, and finicky shower, but I am very glad to not have to move. Besides, I love the area around us, so I’m glad not to leave just yet.

School is almost finished for the spring — my last class is next Tuesday. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Research Paper Land, Group Presentation Land, and Final Project Land, but the end is in sight. Of course, there’s still a last paper, project revisions, and poetry revisions to do in the next week, but still — light, tunnel, yeah.

Funny little story involving the denim bag with the Cherokee alphabet that my cousin made for me. It was sitting behind me in class last week when my classmate, A., looks at it and says, “Is that the Cherokee alphabet?” I say yes it is — but looking at it, the top (where it says what it is) is hidden in a fold of cloth. “How did you know?!” I ask. Apparently he studied linguistics in college. Impressive!

Baseball season has started, which is a big deal up here! I don’t pay much attention, and I still know more about what’s going on in baseball than I ever have.

While we’re on sports, the Boston Marathon was just over a week ago. The weather was dreadful, but not quite dreadful enough to call it off. I was at school all day and the marathon ends very near here, so when I went wandering around 2:30, it was just ending and there were lots of runners everywhere, each with a support group of friends and family as well as a bright orange Adidas bag and a silver mylar blanket (looks like aluminum foil for humans, invented for the space program, I think?)

Since then, it’s warmed up and finally feels like spring! It was so strange to think that school was about to end when I was still wearing my wool coat every day.

Despite being swamped, I did finally finish season 3 of Babylon 5, so I’m in great suspense about how Sheridan will get out of that pit! Triumph over a Balrog, perhaps? I just know that he does, because (refrain) I’ve seen season 5… But the series makes it pretty clear that the outcome is never the point (we know from the first episode that Londo and G’Kar die at each other’s hands); what matters is how we get there.

I highly recommend Radioland Murders, which is kind of a cross between Clue and A Prarie Home Companion. Good fun! I’m half way through The Emperor and the Assassin — it’s moving very slowly, and I’m not sure how the two plots are going to come together…with luck I’ll have a chance to finish it tomorrow night. And then I’ve saved Twelfth Night for last, so maybe Friday or later in the weekend, and then Liz will actually get her DVDs back! They’re coming, I promise.

In between, I’ve also discovered (after the clip I linked to here has made me curiouser and curiouser) that lots and lots of Doctor Who can be found on YouTube…

The big excitement of last weekend was the Loreena McKennitt concert I went to on Saturday! Fabulous…but I think it needs a post of its own!

4 Responses to “Spring news”

E wrote a comment on April 25, 2007

“I don’t pay much attention, and I still know more about what’s going on in baseball than I ever have.” – Gainesville turned me into a Gators sports fan.

I recommend or

There’s a reason I never rent movies 😉

Tae wrote a comment on April 25, 2007

I’d hoped you’d like “Radioland Murders”. It just seemed like your kind of movie. Also, I demand that if you see it, you need to rent “The Promise”. Chinese fairy tale that’s gorgeous and interesting. You can borrow season 4 too if you’d like. ;3

Odette wrote a comment on April 26, 2007

Ooh, season 4. How could I possibly stop at a cliffhanger like this one?

“Radioland” was totally my kind of movie. Thank you! 😀

Pug wrote a comment on April 27, 2007

I want to see…

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