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Things I miss about F.U.

June 3, 2007 12:53 pm

(It’s been a year since graduation, so let’s give into the nostalgia impulse for a moment.)

  • The library.
  • Feeling useful at the CCLC.
  • Learning stuff just for the hell of it. ‘Cause medieval history is cool, Africa is incredibly fascinating, and I still dream of being fluent in German.
  • The English department lounge where EF and I hung out on fall mornings.
  • And people!!! The incomparable Poke, who was there from beginning to end, and her delightful hubby. My wonderful roomies, KW, who went to concerts with me when she wasn’t on stage herself, and BS, who is far more genuine than her initials might suggest. Freshman hall buddies like KF, who I can count on for a bit of deep thinking, and the warm and friendly TV.

    All my friends and partners-in-crime at the CCLC. The three J’s and their (collective and separate) genius, mischeif, and fun. The brilliant CO with whom I shared my first class, last awards dinner, and more than a few laughs in between. My poetry buddy EF, my waterbird buddy LA, my Spinergy buddy AW, my Shakespeare buddies RB and EB, rising star EC, and the rest of the family.

    The whole gang from foreign study. My Berlin buddy HB. CS, with whom I tried to find the Oxford college that doesn’t exist. SM, with whom I figured out London’s bus system and ate PB&J while watching Ready, Steady, Cook. JG, whose Great American Novel I expect to read someday, and DG, who did the dirty work in setting up our trip across the continent.

    And all the profs I looked up to, like MO who won the surrogate mother award for telling me to eat before I collapsed; JL, who is actually closer to being family, though don’t ask me what that relationship would be (it simply emerged, of course); GA, who thought I ought to do an MFA program; BA who showed me that even Unitarians have to watch out for piety in their poetry; LB, who went out of her way to fit me into her schedule; and my foreign study profs, who helped us leave the dry campus far behind.

So raise a glass: Here’s to the good times. And here’s to knowing that the best part of moving on is that the bad times can be mostly ignored. Cheers! A very happy graduation to all the Furman graduates of 2007!

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Poke wrote a comment on June 3, 2007


Soon you’ll be back to visit (YAY!!). I’m sure that you can learn something just for the heck of it here. Care to try your mind at Russian history? =0)

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