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Dedicated to the friendly folks at B. Dalton

July 24, 2007 12:34 am

Why yes, I was at a bookstore at midnight last Friday. (Again.) How did you guess?

My dad and I had been planning to find a release party of some kind since I decided when I was going to come home this summer, so the only question (and not one we were quick to answer) was which bookstore to go to. We learned that B. Dalton in the mall would open at midnight only to sell the book; that all Books-a-Millionses were opening at 9p.m. with various festivities, etc. So we picked a Books-a-Million in town. At the last minute, Middle Brother decided he wanted to come too, and Youngest Brother suddenly caved in to peer pressure. We all caved a little more when my mother (who was not going) suggested that we should go in costume. I hadn’t been planning to, but we pulled out gowns from a couple of college graduations (mine and my cousin’s) and the accessories from a Harry Potter costume Mom made for one of the boys sometime in the last decade. We looked quite fetching.

HP7midnight1.jpg Youngest Brother’s choice of headgear reflects his personality and the back of his shirt has a Dumbledore quote about how music is a magic greater than anything taught at Hogwarts.

Off we went. Books-a-Million was packed when we got there a little after 11 p.m. We were “sorted” when we came in the door (stuck our hands into a Sorting Hat full of house badges) — I was in Hufflepuff for the night — but after a few minutes, we realized that there was really not much going on besides a couple of massive, snake-like lines. We let ourselves be pushed into one by a Gestapo Kindergarten Teacher of a store manager who seemed to have created her own personal hell. We stood there in line in the middle of the romance section (of all places), not sure we really wanted to be there. When we realized (around 11:30) that the main line was for people who already had vouchers (others must wait in a different line to get a voucher at the cafe counter, then re-join the main line), we decided that we could do better. We swept out in our wizard’s robes and drove down the street to the mall.

There were maybe thirty people standing around the mall entrance. The boys found friends to talk to, as they had in B-a-M, and we had only fifteen or twenty minutes to wait until a pleasant, smiling security guard came to open the doors. Quick, easy, short line, no fuss. Brilliant. This was at B. Dalton, by the way. Can I plug B. Dalton a few more times? They’re part of Barnes & Noble and I’m not generally a huge fan of huge chains ’cause independent bookstores are cooler, but this week, I’m pretty happy with B. Dalton.

And then Dad read us the first chapter on the drive home. I have lots to say about the book, of course, but that’s for another post. Coming soon.

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Pug wrote a comment on July 24, 2007

This is a comment unrelated to this post: Happy birthday!

Pug wrote a comment on July 24, 2007

Side note: On your old post about book 6’s launch, Crunch’s first prediction was right on. 🙂

Pug wrote a comment on July 24, 2007

Ooh, one more question. So, shouldn’t Harry have picked up another lightning-bolt shaped scar? Where do you think this one is (since someone’d have mentioned if he picked up another one on his forehead)? Is Ginny one of those girls who likes scars, especially famous ones? So many questions… 😀

Odette wrote a comment on July 24, 2007

1. Thank you!
2. He sure was! I was pretty sure he would be, on that one.
3. Good question! My money says it’s on his chest. Maybe I’ll look for textural evidence later. 🙂

Crunch wrote a comment on July 25, 2007

That’s why I buy my HP books in grocery stores. There aren’t any lines even on that Fri/Sat midnight.

Greet wrote a comment on July 30, 2007

Y’all are adorable. So is that my graddyation gown? Mom says Gramma says it can’t be…but I take G with a huge grain of salt. I have A Large Quibble with Book 7, that I’d love to toss at a lit major…hint, hint.

Odette wrote a comment on July 31, 2007

Yup, GW is wearing your graduation gown (it’s gotten a lot of use!), and I’m wearing mine from college. And yes, they’re the same size…my big little brother.

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