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Because Liz told me to. With good reason, too.

September 26, 2007 1:24 am

Wait. I last posted when, now? Really? Wow.

Well, when last heard from, I was with the family, nose deep in Harry Potter. Since then, I’m back in the city, back in school, and on the hunt for the elusive full-time job.

In the last month, I’ve interviewed for four positions, and the first two have already given me the “thanks, but no thanks.” The other two were both last week, so I’m waiting to hear back from those. One is a company that publishes books on religion (especially Buddhism and Hinduism), Eastern philosophies and also some fiction, poetry, and history. I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the other one (a very well-respected medical journal), but I’m especially excited about the first one.

I have two evening classes, same as last fall. One is magazine ethics, and the other is book publicity. My ethics prof has turned out to be hilarious, so a class that was not one of my first choices looks like it will turn out well.

When I got back in August, I let my roommate talk me into helping out with a production of Crimes of the Heart that she was assistant directing. She was putting together a group of villagers to sort of set the scene before the show and during the two intermissions. Lots of improv, lots of gossiping about the people in the play. Plus, Crimes happens to be set in small town Mississippi in the 1970’s, so this became a fun opportunity to pull out my outrageously fake Southern accent and see how many times I could work in phrases like “bless her heart!” each night (there were five performances in early September). It was a lot of fun, and the cast were a really neat bunch of people.


Further evidence of my strange sense of humor:
(I forget how I tripped over these… I had them saved here in a draft post, just waiting to be inflicted on you all.)

Before-they-were-famous celebrity commercials. Yes, the famous person aspect is amusing in some of them (Keanu Reeves, anyone?). But also: why are commercials suddenly hilarious once they reach the ten year age mark?

80’s robots we should have by now (maybe). Check out the “present day equivalent” of Data…

Social stereotypes in cereal mascots. What, you’re still with me? No, seriously, it’s worth a laugh. Or a frown in distress over what society is coming to. Or perhaps a frown over how easy it is to over analyze cartoon characters. Your choice.

And while we’re wandering around Cracked, let’s take a look at the five questions that had better be answered by season two of Heroes. Not bad as a refresher, especially if the show hasn’t crossed your mind all summer. I like it, but the drawback of having about ten “main” characters is that none of them really take on a life of their own.

2 Responses to “Because Liz told me to. With good reason, too.”

Crunch wrote a comment on September 26, 2007

Crimes of the Heart was the first show I was in up at Bonas. I was the young lawyer. It took a lot of work to get the New Yorkers to say ‘pecans’ correctly.

Odette wrote a comment on September 29, 2007

Ha, I bet it did! I understand that this cast worked really hard on their accents, too (and Doc’s always was…strange).

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