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Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom

November 3, 2007 10:02 am

Newsweek’s current cover story (decidedly not a gonzo piece) is a decent stab at explaining current trends in food allergies, covering the statistics, the research, and the social effects of this growing trend. It’s worth a look. Though the last paragraph is wince-worthy, I commend the writer on her attempt to describe the experience of having food allergies and offer a thumbs up for mentioning the fact that a milk allergy is a completely different and rather more deadly thing than lactose intolerance. Our friends at FAAN get a mention, too. Yay for public awareness.

One Response to “Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom”

Pug wrote a comment on November 3, 2007

I just read that article in the waiting room yesterday.

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