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Romeo, Juliet, and Benvatio

March 1, 2008 7:39 pm

The Boston Ballet has been doing Romeo & Juliet since Valentine’s Day (Yes. Gag.), and despite my sometime aversion to the play, I really wanted to see it, so my roommate and I went this afternoon. Though we had some nitpicks (because of costuming choices, it took us a while to distinguish between Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio; also, at the end, Romeo stabbed himself rather than taking poison), on the whole, we really enjoyed it! I love the music.

As we walked to the subway afterwards, C. admitted to sometimes confusing Benvolio and Horatio (from Hamlet). In the end, we decided that they might be the same person. Out of grief, Benvolio left Verona, changed his name, and enrolled in the university at Wittenberg, where he met Hamlet. After all, isn’t Horatio a very Italian-sounding name for the northern-Europe world of Hamlet?

I think he might have become King Lear’s Fool in later life.

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Corey wrote a comment on March 2, 2008

Might be? Dude. Like I said. How do you know things are going to happen? Because you’ve seen it before. That curse didn’t fall on both houses, but fell on Benratio himself. That’s why every royal family falls in his presence. He just told Lear like it is…

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