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February 2, 2009 9:37 pm

The biggest news of the day is that Pug’s sister-in-law gave birth this morning to a baby boy who, coincidentally, is going to share a first name with my youngest brother.  We got to go visit this evening and hold the baby!  Everyone is doing fine, and the baby is beautiful.

*          *          *

Pug and I spent Saturday putting wedding invitations together.  Short of making the paper (haha) we’ve done pretty much everything ourselves.  I designed everything (becaue I have InDesign and I know how to use it!), and though we were going to have things printed at Kinko’s, that didn’t pan out.  Their straight-through black and white printers aren’t able to handle half-sheet size paper.  The color printer could, funnily enough, but then you have to pay color prices (i.e., five times as much), when you’re just using black.  Which is ridiculous.

So rather than doing the research to find other print shops, we decided we could handle them ourselves.  The only issue was that, since we don’t have a straight-through printer, the sheets came out with a decided curl, but that’s nothing a bit of ironing can’t solve.  Um, yes, you read that correctly.  We ironed our invitations.  Hey, whatever works, right?  We set up our little assembly line, Pug printed return address labels while I addressed envelopes, and it all got done with a quickness.  They’ll go in the mail on Tuesday.  And after sitting in the envelopes for a couple days, they’re actually lying quite flat.  Ha-ha!

*          *          *

I’ve decided that the easiest way to handle Poke’s and my allergies with regard to wedding cake is what I call the Two Cake Solution (sort of like the two state solution, but less fighting and more sugar).  We’ll get a big, traditional wedding cake for our guests (Pug gets to be Chief Cake Taster, obviously), and I’m going to make a smaller, allergy-safe cake for those of us who need it (and anyone else who wants to snag a slice). Obviously, this creates the very important decision of finding the right cake recipe.  And obviously, this creates the absolute necessity of trying a variety of recipes.  Which obviously leads to eating cake.  Oh darn. Brides are supposed to obsess about dieting, you say?  Psssh.  Silly you.

Thus far, my two attempts have been tasty, but not winners, but I have high hopes for Number Three.  And if they start coming out pretty, I might even take pictures.  I haven’t yet bought proper cake pans with removable bottoms, so getting the cakes out of the pans has so far been a bit of a mess.

*          *          *

I’m about three-quarters of the way through Bleak House, and I’ve been enjoying it.  I recommend it so far, but know that it isn’t a book where things happen quickly.  It’s a book that brings you into its world, shows you around, introduces you to a wide variety of people, brings them together in different groupings, and lets you see what happens.  A leisurely, a few chapters here, a few chapters there, a few pages before bed sort of a read.

Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom

November 3, 2007 10:02 am

Newsweek’s current cover story (decidedly not a gonzo piece) is a decent stab at explaining current trends in food allergies, covering the statistics, the research, and the social effects of this growing trend. It’s worth a look. Though the last paragraph is wince-worthy, I commend the writer on her attempt to describe the experience of having food allergies and offer a thumbs up for mentioning the fact that a milk allergy is a completely different and rather more deadly thing than lactose intolerance. Our friends at FAAN get a mention, too. Yay for public awareness.

Honeydukes Butterscotch Pudding

August 22, 2007 11:39 am

Because there haven’t been enough Harry Potter posts around here lately…

Cambridge restaurant offers an HP inspired pudding.

Pug and I went to Upstairs on the Square once and it was very nice — if rather more up-scale than we were expecting (slightly awkward, but like I said, it was very nice). I can’t vouch for this dish myself, but I think the story is awesome.

The article gives their recipe, but I have no idea what the non-dairy substitute for heavy cream would be. It also looks like a lot of work and suggests the use of a blowtorch.

Orange juice warning

April 13, 2007 12:34 pm

Directly from the most recent copy of Food Allergy News, a newsletter I get from the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network:

“A representative of Tropicana wants you to know that their Healthy Heart Orange Juice now contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are sourced from fish. The presence of fish is clearly indicated on the package ingredient statement.”

…if it ever occured to you to check orange juice labels when you have a fish allergy.

Yes, I’m posting this because it cracks me up. And yes, I’m all for heart-healthy (and I don’t mean to put anyone off Tropicana. There’s a bottle in our fridge as I type). But it’s also true that food allergies get more complicated the more manufacturers meddle with foods. Checks and balances, always checks and balances.

Stupid things bothering me

September 10, 2006 3:34 pm

Item 1: TOS is getting a facelift. [article; q & a] This makes me very tempted to get my hands on a DVD set before the digitally-redone version comes out. It’s a very “Han shot first!” sort of impulse — though to be fair, it looks like they’re trying very hard to be faithful to the intentions of the original directors and designers. File this one under “being a purist.”

Item 2: …and file this one under “being a snob.” I finished Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons yesterday morning. Funny thing about Dan Brown. I read The DaVinci Code when it first came out and heard from my mother that it was making a splash among our Unitarian friends, who were intrigued by some of the wacky ideas it presents and appreciative of the way it presents the sacred feminine. I enjoyed those aspects — and hey, it’s a fun chase story if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. I was also impressed that one villain committed a murder by abusing his knowledge of another character’s peanut allergy. (Awareness is spreading! Yay!)

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