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Movie review: Watchmen

June 5, 2009 12:23 am

watchmen_posterPug and I discovered this week that we have a dollar theater across the street.  (For a loose definition of “across the street,” but you know, whatever.)  It’s in the same complex as our neighborhood Target and a former mall that’s now a private school (yes, weird).  For months, we’ve been driving past the sign for this place, but all it ever tells us is that Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing Saturday evening.

But Pug ran across the theater’s web site earlier this week, and sure enough, they’re a second-run theater, and they play all sorts of things beyond Rocky Horror.  And this week they were playing Watchmen, which we hadn’t seen yet, so we went.

The theater is an empty place on a Tuesday night, the lobby dark and cavernous.  Walls plastered up and down with old movie posters.  You could have a long game of “I spy the poster for such-and-so” in that lobby.  You’d be sitting on fat red sofas and armchairs scattered around the lobby, or maybe perched on the stairs leading up to… the projection rooms, I assume.  I don’t know why the staircase was in the middle of the lobby.  There were signs apologizing for air conditioning problems in some of the theaters — from the fan in the back of ours, we assumed we were in one of the afflicted rooms.  But there were few enough people there, it didn’t even get unpleasant.

And the movie itself?  Read on…

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In memoriam

March 7, 2008 8:46 pm

Three parts Dungeons & Dragons, one part The Seventh Seal (clip). Brilliant.

xkcd honors Gary Gygax.

This is what happens…

May 29, 2007 12:21 am

…when I forget to read my comics for a weekend.

Vogon poetry joke on Get Fuzzy.

Then the next day:
“I’ve been waiting for you, ObiWilco.”

Meanwhile, Multiplex does Shrek 3. Which I haven’t seen, just for note. Movie cliche, pop culture reference!

Meanwhile, my apartment has been a veritable hotel lately — first the roommate’s family here for her graduation, then the boyfriend here for his birthday, then the college friend here until she could start to move into the apartment where she’s subletting a room for the summer. All very nice and good fun, but nice to be back to normal-ish.

My six-week summer class started up last Monday and meets two nights a week. I like the prof, and the class is an interesting mix of people for whom this is their last class, people who are half done; MAs and MFAs; even a few juniors and seniors mixed in with the grad students. It’s a copyediting course, so it’s basically a lot of exercises in being nitpicky, which — hey, it’s me — is actually kind of fun.

Comic fix

February 22, 2007 11:52 pm

Get Fuzzy. Foodar the cat (yup, that’s food+radar) is hilarious, but it’s Bucky’s comment in the last panel that I love. It’s funny becasue it’s true.

FFN. Props for the phrase “Rod Serling hat.” I love Twilight Zone.

Sally Forth. The girls have spent the last few strips looking down at Hilary’s mom’s 40th birthday party and commenting on how dull it seems — just a bunch of adults standing around. I love the simplicity of the last panel.
Any thoughts on what we’ll be like at forty?

There’s an echo in here…

December 9, 2006 7:13 pm

…and by the way, it’s me.

If you read Nodwick, you’ve probably already seen these, but for those who do not, I recommend a few holiday-themed jaw-droppers:
The icosohedral pecan pie. (Holy Mother of Pie Crust, Batman!!!)
The gingerbread TIE fighter.
And the gingerbread computer case.

The Wilhelm Scream video he points to is pretty fun too. (wikipedia explanation)

And FFN is pretty hilarious this week in an thoroughly horrible kind of way.


November 26, 2006 11:17 am

Bucky hits a new high of insensitivity today.
I love Rob’s last line, too.

I love bashing Microsoft! The Zune apparently sucks.

for Carmen, part 2

October 10, 2006 10:41 am

Today’s Foxtrot:

for Carmen

October 8, 2006 4:03 pm

(since I/we seem to have scarred her in the last post)

Go read today’s Get Fuzzy.

Up to the penultimate panel, I found it only amusing. But Bucky’s parting shot has me in hysterics!

Mendel was a monk. Mendel was a monk-monk. Just a regular monk. Later, he was an administrative monk.

For those who haven’t heard the story, that bit of classic eloquence entered the world courtesy of a biology instructor whose (supposedly) bimonthly lectures were supposed to earn our IB Biology class college credit, courtesy of Troy State University. He was utterly worthless and I cannot express how thankful we were that he only graced us with his presence on very rare occaisions.

However, Carmen had the presence of mind to write down certain gems as he lectured as a means of keeping her sanity, and “Mendel was a monk,” is the one I will never forget.

I’m laughing…is this really Garfield?

July 26, 2006 10:23 am

I don’t know if any of you are Garfield fans, but I have a nostalgic appreciation for the old fat cat, dating from days when the comics had to be read to me and I pronounced his name “Garflee.” Yes, really.

Sadly, as anyone addicted to the funny papers has noticed, the comic has been on the downhill slide for a while now; possbily ten years or more. And you can read more about that courtesy of The Comic Strip Doctor. (And if you like that, check out this second half of this article, in which he talks about the Garfield Radomizer.)

So, dork that I am, I still read the Fat Cat, and here’s the revelation I have for you: Garfield has made me laugh. And not once, but twice in less than a week.

All this was preceeded by (first) an interminable set of strips involving a trip to the vet (on whom Jon has a huge crush, but who is way out of his class) and (then) another interminable set of strips involving that involved Jon calling Ellen to ask her out and finding that she has amnesia.

But here’s the strip from July 20.

I think Garfield’s silence here helps a great deal.

Here’s what has followed: July 21–26. The last one also makes me giggle.

Comments on a Monday night

January 23, 2006 6:39 pm

First performance of The Content of Our Character was this evening, and I think we can call it an unqualified success!

An amusing take on an old joke: Comedity. I like the last line.

And given the title of this blog, I have to link to this PvP. He may say Betelgeuse, but we all know that’s not what he really means.