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Recommended viewing

February 23, 2008 1:51 am

One of my courses this semester is on rights in publishing (copyright, subsidiary rights, permissions, contracts, etc.). Sounds dry, but it’s been really interesting so far. And not only because of things like what I’m going to show you, though that helps, too.

Last week, we had Larry Lessig in as a guest speaker by virtue of this video. The whole thing is about 20 minutes and it’s very good — it’s a presentation he gave on creative freedom.

If you’re just looking for some funny, however, skip the video ahead to about 8:40, where Lessig presents three examples of what he calls “remix culture.” The first will particularly amuse fans of the Muppets. The second (at 9:30) becomes a bit of an eyesore, but just wait for it… And it only lasts a minute, because at 10:30 there’s a beautiful political romance.

In other news, a notice on the school website announces that the main dining hall “will be going trayless February 25th to 29th.” (I love the way they phrase it.) We’ve got about six inches of snow on the ground tonight — I guess the cafeteria-tray-as-makeshift-sled phenomena is universal.

Late summer laundry list

August 27, 2006 9:34 pm

I’ve been back home for almost a week now. In that time, I have:

  • read two books.
  • eaten seven dinners with the family.
  • gone to the doctor, nominally for a check-up, but really just because I needed him to sign a form saying I’ve had my shots and can go to school. Wound up getting a tetnus booster which must have k.o.’ed my immune system enough that I caught whatever stomach bug is going around, because of which I have…
  • spent one night (Wed.) talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone, so then I…
  • spent two days (Thurs. and Fri.) recuperating.

I have also:

  • seen one move (Being There with Peter Sellers, which is very funny once you get through all the exposition).
  • gone to Montgomery with my dad, my aunt, and my cousin to see an Alabama Shakespeare Company production of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, which was nicely done, despite being peopled by depressed Russians.
  • and moved the boxes I stored at Grandma’s for the summer back to the living room in preparation of my move north next weekend. Actually departure plans are somewhat dependant on whether Ernesto comes to call at the same time.

Gateway to what?

November 8, 2005 7:43 am

At this point, you’ve probably all see the Florida quarter. It looks like this, right?

This might be more appropriate.

Somebody must have a voodoo doll of Florida

September 5, 2004 11:52 pm

Seriously! Blow on it: Bonnie. Put it under the faucet: Charlie. Stick it in front of a fan: Frances. And Ivan’s lurking out in the Caribbean.

So of course, the fact that hurricane warnings have been issued for my area, and the fact that the airport is closed for Monday potentially gets in the way of my flying out of here on Tuesday, since Frances has been moving at the approximate speed of a golf cart. Solution? Dad and I are leaving early tomorrow morning and driving to Georgia, where we hope to find something interesting to do for a day before heading up to Atlanta to meet my travel group and our transatlantic flight to Shannon.

I will try to post here once in a while when I get internet access, but don’t hold your breath. Especially for the first couple of weeks, when we’ll be moving about quite a bit. I’ll be in Stratford for about two weeks starting Sept. 26, and in London following that, so I may have a chance to post then. E-mail is always welcome, provided you don’t expect an immediate answer! Love to you all!

-Lady Vulcan