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Spring break in Phoenix and what’s up here

March 19, 2007 12:39 am

Hello again! Get comfortable; this is a long one.

Phoenix was gorgeous, while Boston was cold, cold, cold two weeks ago. (We kept track. Phoenix: almost 70. Boston: 17. Etcetera.) Coming back to cold weather wasn’t too much of a wrench, though — last week we had some gorgeous weather, it almost felt like real spring! Meaning I went out Wednesday morning with NO hat, NO scarf, NO gloves! Fewer pieces to keep track of — I almost lost my hat on the subway a few weeks ago. I’d tucked it under my arm and it slipped out as I was leaving the subway station. Hit the cold air outside, missed it, and ran back. Lucky me, some wonderful person had picked it up and set it on top of a fire extinguisher! Nothing like starting the day with a scare! But I digress…

My first full day in Phoenix, we headed a little further south — Pug, me, brother C., and girlfriend A. — to spend the evening at Kitt Peak. Along the way we stopped at the Indian ruins at Casa Grande, as well as a Mexican place in Tucson that is notable for serving meat that they dry in what you might mistake for a birdhouse with mesh wire walls. Very tasty. We had so much good Mexican food last week.

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Hit the road, Jack

August 31, 2006 10:57 pm

I’ll be on the road north for the next few days. When next I post, it will be from the great state of Massachusetts!

(But you may see me popping up thanks to hotel wireless and such…)

If you didn’t get the e-mail I sent this morning with my new address and you would like it, let me know. Also, I’m now on Skype — my handle there is the same as my AIM handle (or drop me a line and I’ll give it to you).

Late summer laundry list

August 27, 2006 9:34 pm

I’ve been back home for almost a week now. In that time, I have:

  • read two books.
  • eaten seven dinners with the family.
  • gone to the doctor, nominally for a check-up, but really just because I needed him to sign a form saying I’ve had my shots and can go to school. Wound up getting a tetnus booster which must have k.o.’ed my immune system enough that I caught whatever stomach bug is going around, because of which I have…
  • spent one night (Wed.) talking to Ralph on the porcelain telephone, so then I…
  • spent two days (Thurs. and Fri.) recuperating.

I have also:

  • seen one move (Being There with Peter Sellers, which is very funny once you get through all the exposition).
  • gone to Montgomery with my dad, my aunt, and my cousin to see an Alabama Shakespeare Company production of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, which was nicely done, despite being peopled by depressed Russians.
  • and moved the boxes I stored at Grandma’s for the summer back to the living room in preparation of my move north next weekend. Actually departure plans are somewhat dependant on whether Ernesto comes to call at the same time.


July 19, 2006 11:34 am

As Pug and I began to wander around downtown Savannah last Friday evening, one thing quickly became quite clear. Despite hearing tales from Tae, we simply didn’t know the first thing about the first thing about this city.

What’s this “Bird Girl” Thing, Anyway?

I’m sure I had heard about a book called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but I haven’t read it, so I didn’t know that it is set in the fair city of Savannah, and man, are they trying to make a killing off it. Any gift store you wander into is guaranteed to have a large corner devoted to “The Book,” related books, and replicas of the Bird Girl statue in various sizes. The statue itself is in a museum these days; we saw it, but photography was not allowed.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Not here

July 14, 2006 11:40 am

Gone to Savannah with Pug for the weekend. Back Monday!

Did you stay tuned?

July 6, 2006 9:31 pm

And here begins the tale of another summer internship. So let’s start with the point where I walked in the door yesterday morning. I had been told to come at 8:30 on Wednesday so that another intern and I could get the all the introductory explanations at the same time. We sat down with an assisstant editor, to get a run down of the steps that a book goes through while it is in the hands of the editorial department. We also met the managing editor and the woman I had been in contact with. (A nice lady, she is older, Australian–judging from her accent and her posters–and seems to be, like me, the sort of person who is awkward when talking to people she doesn’t really know.)

The other intern is a grad student in history from the Univ. of Mass. of all places. (I suddenly felt like such a local! –which turned out to be somewhat fallacious; he is originally from Louisiana. However, I DID feel less absurd for having gone all the way to NH for an internship last summer. It’s really nice to have a fellow college kid, a big contrast to being the only person under about 35 last year.

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So I decided to come back to the States…

December 3, 2004 4:07 pm

And I am so glad to be home!!

I know everyone wants to hear everything, so I’m working on that . It’s a work in progress – in fact, there’s only enough of it there now to be barely worth posting this note! So if pages suddenly appear and disappear as I work out the kinks, don’t be startled.

Edit 12/8/04:
As some of you have noticed, I’ve started putting pictures in. They’re being finnicky, and I’m not sure whether it’s my lazy simplistic coding or Furman being stupid (I’m using the webspace I’m allotted there, which means when they go down, the pages go down. Plus this program has its quirks, and most of them are dumb.). So if the photos won’t load….uhhh…hit reload a few times or try again later. My apologies!!

Edit 8/4/06:
As probably no one has noticed, the above link doesn’t work anymore, due to the fact that I, uh, graduated and no longer have access to the university’s web space. You might also remember that I never finished the page in the first place. However, you can find my pictures online at Kodak’s EasyShare Gallery (seemed easier to upload them there and order prints than waiting for the kiosk at WalMart to spit out hundreds of prints). You should be able to see them without having a log-in or anything. There’s five sets:
Tour of Ireland, Scotland, & England (our first two and a half weeks)
Stratford (the next two weeks)
London (five weeks)
Free Travel (the last two weeks)
And a supplement: a few pics I got from friends.
Someday, they might get to Flickr, but don’t hold your breath — you know me better than that! (That would also take months’ of upload space on Flickr unless I start paying, which isn’t likely in the near future) But if you ask, I’ll happily show you my (two volume) scrapbook.

Security Code

September 28, 2004 9:40 pm

I’m not Odette, but I did just add an anti-spam tool to her blog. You now need to type in a security code in order to post a comment. The code’s in an image on the comment page, but a spam program can’t read it. You’ve pretty much got to be human. So, ha, take that spammers!

For general reference, Odette is in Stratford-upon-Avon and loving it!

Somebody must have a voodoo doll of Florida

September 5, 2004 11:52 pm

Seriously! Blow on it: Bonnie. Put it under the faucet: Charlie. Stick it in front of a fan: Frances. And Ivan’s lurking out in the Caribbean.

So of course, the fact that hurricane warnings have been issued for my area, and the fact that the airport is closed for Monday potentially gets in the way of my flying out of here on Tuesday, since Frances has been moving at the approximate speed of a golf cart. Solution? Dad and I are leaving early tomorrow morning and driving to Georgia, where we hope to find something interesting to do for a day before heading up to Atlanta to meet my travel group and our transatlantic flight to Shannon.

I will try to post here once in a while when I get internet access, but don’t hold your breath. Especially for the first couple of weeks, when we’ll be moving about quite a bit. I’ll be in Stratford for about two weeks starting Sept. 26, and in London following that, so I may have a chance to post then. E-mail is always welcome, provided you don’t expect an immediate answer! Love to you all!

-Lady Vulcan

The last tidbit from Albuquerque

August 4, 2004 12:05 am

Am I crazy, or can anyone else see the dinosaur here?


This is some other museum across from the Natural History Museum. But the mountains are the ones I grew up with. I remember that my third grade teacher had one of those globes with bumps where mountains are. When I learned we’d be moving, and I saw that this state had no mountains, I flipped out.

They make telling direction a lot easier, too. Mountains=east!

This is what I see.

A corythosaurus
(Yes, it’s the Carnagie Collection! A number of my dinosaur models are Carnagie, they’re good quality. I saw them sold in a couple of gift shops last month and was vaguely tempted. There are things you really don’t outgrow… Also was amused to see some of the same models that are sitting in my closet, particularly the parasaurolophus and the pachycephalosaurus. Yes, I said pachycephalosaurus.)

The bones